Landscaping Services

Mulch, Stone and Topsoil Installation

We offer many different colors of mulch, and varieties and sizes of decorative stone for your garden beds.  We offer Enviro Red, Brown, Black and Gold colors, as well as natural varieties such as Hemlock, Pine, Oak and Cedar. We have samples of both mulch and stone that can be delivered to your doorstep. Otherwise, you can schedule a consultation with one of our professionals to walk around your property and offer suggestions about what may work best for your landscape.

Lawn Installation

Whether we seed or sod your landscape, you can expect premium results! A great money-saving way to get an instant green and dense lawn is to have us install sod in your front yard and seed in your backyard. We partner with Jasperson Sod Farm, Inc. which harvests exceptional, locally grown sod from the Midwest.

Bed Edging Solutions
English edging is a great approach to keep your lawn's grass from growing into your garden/mulch beds. This accents and highlights the beds in your landscape, which provides great "curb appeal."  This is a functional alternative to concrete stamped edging, which is permanent, because you can redefine the shape and size year after year. 

Tree and Shrub Maintenance

We offer removal, trimming, pruning, crowing and hedging of trees and shrubs under 15 ft. Deep root feedings are available in spring and fall, when the roots grow the most. This consists of 5 major elements:

* Starter Fertilizer (Stimulates root growth, as well as additional nutrition)

* Milorganite (Slow release fertilizer for stronger foliage year long)

* Chicakdee Doo Doo (Slow release fertilizer for natural phosphorus)

* Gypsum (Loaded with Calcium and Magnesium to create durability)

* Limestone (Helps balance pH for optimal growing conditions)

We also offer pest/insect treatments, fungicide treatments and dormancy oil to protect from overwintering eggs, scales and insects such as red mites (see Insect Control Services for more details). This is great for fruit trees!