Lawn Care Services

Soil pH Control

To keep and maintain a healthy lawn, your soil pH should be near 6.5 (on a 0-14 scale). When it is not in the desired range, it is more susceptible to weeds, insects and grubs. LC's trained technician can measure your soil's pH level and implement a customized plan to create a neutral pH measurement. Once this balance has been achieved, your lawn will be able to fight off pests more readily and grow to its full potential.  One of our comprehensive lawn care packages is a great way to begin this process!

Core Aeration

Short of watering, core aeration is the best way to maintain a healthy lawn. The holes created catch air, fertilizer, seed and water. We offer free soil conditioners, gypsum and limestone, with the purchase of an aeration service (see benefits of gypsum and limestone below).

Benefits of Core Aeration:

  • Loosens compacted soil and increases the availability of water and nutrients 
  • Enhances oxygen levels in the soil, stimulating root growth and the activity of            thatch-decomposing organisms
  • Removes the cores of soil and severs roots, rhizomes and stolons 
  • Stimulates grass plants to produce new shoots and roots to increase the density       of the turf
  • Reduces water runoff
  • Increases the lawn's drought tolerance and improves the overall health
  • Produces an excellent opportunity for overseeding (see seeding options below) 

Benefits of Gypsum & Limestone Soil Conditioners:
  • Improves compacted soils
  • Improves yellow (dying) spots from animal urine
  • Improves water runoff & erosion
  • Balances pH of soil, source of sulfur (fertilizer) 
  • Helps earthworms flourish, which are natural aerators :)
  • Aids in seed germination & emergence
  • Increases water retention in soil
  • Increases stability of organic matter
  • Decreases loss of fertilizer nitrogen to the air


We offer both overseeding and spot seeding options for your lawn. The best time to overseed is directly following a core aeration because the seeds fall into the open holes in the soil. Our selection of seed mixes include Sunny Mix, consisting of "Kentucky Blue Grass," and Shade Mix, consisting of "Creeping Red Fescue." These mixtures will result in increased durability, drought tolerance, and disease and pest resistance.

Spot seeding is highly recommended for problem areas and overall lawn renovations. When spot seeding, we focus on the bare spots in your lawn and areas that have difficultly growing. After raking in the seed, we treat the areas with starter fertilizer for instant nutrients, soil conditioners for optimal growing conditions and moisture retention pellets that insure proper seed germination.